“Everyone needs Whipcream!”

by: John Thomas Heiligenthal

First off let me say Happy New year here on the 8th day of 2017.  I hope your 2016 was good but I hope this year is even better!

When I say, whipcream, you most likely think of a sweet dessert topping for ice cream, milkshakes and of course on top of PIE!  Everyone loves whipcream and the few that don’t well they are just missing out and there will be more for me.

On December 23rd of 2016 the ballet organization that my two daugthers are affliated with (Ballet Yuma) were involved in helping at a local shelter called Crossroads Mission serve a pre-Christmas lunch.  A great local organization to help men, women and families get off the streets, clean up and get help with addictions.

As we arrived we were given aprons and introduced to what we would be doing to help serve at the lunch time.  My oldest daughter was passing out candy and water before the lunch.  The director of the mission came up to me and my youngest daughter and said “John, we have no whipcream for the pies!  But I guess they don’t need it we will have some tomorrow.”  Before I could utter a word my little one says “They need whipcream!”  Mind you, this girl will put enough whipcream on a piece of pumpkin pie that you will not be able to see the pie.  To me it looks like a plate of whipcream!  So, this girl knows that Everyone needs Whipcream!  The director laughs but we agree that whipcream is needed.

My little one and I head out to the nearest grocery store…and yes you guessed it they are out of whipcream!  Back in the car and onto the next store.  Plenty of whipcream in the cooler section.  The director said 4 cans of whipcream would be plenty.  So, 4 can in the basket to head up to pay for them.  “Dad, really only 4 cans?  There was so much pie!  Maybe, we should get 8 cans just to be sure!”  My very convincing 7 year old added 4 more cans to the basket.

“8 cans of whipcream, that’s all?” The cashier asks.  We explained the story and she just laughed and without saying anything else she also says “Well everyone needs whipcream!”  We all laughed and headed back to the mission to add whipcream to all the pies that had already been cut and platted.

My daughter didn’t hesitate for a second that pie needs whipcream.  She knew our goal for the day was to help the less fortunate and serve.  She knew prior to going that all the food and goodies were not for us and that we would not be eating this and she knew the whipcream was not for her.  But even with knowing all this she didn’t delay in saying that if we have something for our desserts they need the same treatment.  We give unto others because God gave us everything by just believing and following him.

In 2017 I hope I can be more like my little one.  I don’t want to hesitate to help others.  I want to be able to love and put my blessed life on the back burner in order to bless my friends, family and strangers on a daily basis.

Isaiah 41:10 ‘So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’  To me this verse says it all.  God will always help us and be there with us.

Have a Blessed and Happy 2017!